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Pre-Orientation Video 1: Transfer Coursework, Final High School Transcript, Placement Test Scores

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Transfer Coursework, Final High School Transcript, Placement Test Scores Hello. Thank you for joining us. This video is a part of a series of Pre-Orientation videos designed to provide you with information to ensure that you have a productive, rewarding Orientation experience. The content of this video is in checklist format to help you keep organized your list of things to do before you arrive for Orientation. First, we'll check in with Mrs. Kiersten Jarvis. Mrs. Jarvis is an advisor and also an instructor of College Survival Skills and Academic Foundations Seminar. Please send any documents related to transfer work or non-traditional credits as soon as possible. Official documentation of these credits must be submitted to UWF from the awarding agency or organization. These documents include: -Advanced Placement scores, also known as AP scores -Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education or "AICE" credits -College Level Examination Program or CLEP scores -Correspondence or extended learning documentation -Departmental proficiency examination scores -Dual enrollment credits sent from the college at which they were taken -International Baccalaureate Program or IB scores -Military service school documentation -Proficiency examination program documentation -USAFI/DSST/DANTES credits Sending documentation ahead of time will ensure that you receive appropriate collegiate level credit. Mr. Chuck Stanhope is also an advisor and instructor. Let's see what he has to say about final transcripts. Another type of document that you should send to the UWF Admissions Office that makes its way on to our checklist is final transcripts. Make sure to have your final official high school transcripts which reflect the graduation date. If you've earned any college credits at any other institution (including dual enrollment), make sure to have a final transcript sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office as soon as your grades have been posted. Once the Undergraduate Admissions Office has evaluated your transfer work, you can access your degree audit to determine how the courses fit into your degree program. If your transfer work has not been added to your degree audit prior to your Orientation session, please bring unofficial copies of your college transcripts to help with planning your schedule. Let's check in with Mr. Andy Dupont, another advisor and instructor in the First Year Advising Center. Here he is with information about placement test scores. All placement test scores such as ACT, SAT, Post-Secondary Readiness Test (also call the PERT), and College Placement Test (also called the CPT) should be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Office upon receipt. Your placement in English and Math will be base on the test scores you have on file with UWF. All test scores must be certified official and received directly from the testing agency. And my name is Denise Kidd. Thank you so much for joining us and make sure to check out our other videos. We look forward to seeing you at Orientation. References Office of Undergraduate Admissions 850-474-2000 admissions First Year Advising Center 850-474-3170
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