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Placement Essay Overview

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
This presentation is an overview of the Bowling Green State University's General Studies Writing placement essay, including explanations of the placement article, the placement prompts and a sample placement essay. At BGSU, it is vital to us that students are placed into the writing class which best suits their needs. In order for us to accurately assess your needs as a writer, you should not seek help from any other person (including a parent, teacher, friend, or coach) as you read the assigned article, select a writing prompt, or write, edit, or proofread this essay. We are interested in evaluating what you can do on your own. Seeking help on this essay erodes the integrity of the test and could falsely represent you and your placement in a General Studies Writing class. Such misplacement leads to an imbalance between the level of instruction that you might receive and your true capabilities as a writer. Your experience in first-year composition classes will be enhanced by being placed in the course that is equal to your ability. Likewise, being placed in a writing class that is beyond your current writing ability will most likely result in frustration and may require you to repeat the course more than once to achieve the required level of proficiency. The purpose of this test is to determine which composition course will best serve your specific needs. Therefore, you should write your placement essay to the best of your ability without any help from outside sources. Copyright 2015