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Math Terminology I: Numbers and arithmetic

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
This series will give a quick review of mathematical terminology for first year university students who will be taking mathematics. This video starts with terminology involved in arithmetic. This series is especially aimed at students from a non-English speaking background who would like to have a brief summary of the language of mathematics that they are going to need most in first year at university (such as UNSW). NEW SUBTITLES in ENGLISH and CHINESE: I am delighted that you are now able to view English and Chinese subtitles to this video, thanks to the Eduinfinity Translation Group - who did the translation work voluntarily. Just press the CC button at the base of the video and you can view both English and Chinese subtitles. Their website is where you can find many more MOOC projects that they have developed Chinese translations for. SPECIAL NOTE: This is part of my mini MOOC course: Math Terminology for Incoming Uni Students which is available now at Interesting exercises, challenges and puzzles will feature, and you'll be able to make comments, blogs and chat with others on the course. Join up for free now!
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