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Math Progression & Placement

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
★ All students new to FreedomProject Academy and FPA students who have not taken a math course with us are required to take a math placement test before placement in a grade level can be finalized. The tests we use do not test a student’s mathematical ability, but rather are designed to determine a student’s skill level for placement. The results of these tests have been found to be extremely reliable. Students will only be placed in grade level if they have the skills necessary to succeed there. ★ FPA offers two tracks for our high school students. The Standard Track is designed to prepare students who are not planning to go into a math or science related field for their required college level math courses. Our Math & Science Track is designed to prepare students who plan to enter a math or science related field for college math courses by offering them the opportunity to complete Calculus. ★ At FPA, students complete all of the problems for each lesson, because practicing a skill is the best way to improve in accuracy, speed, and understanding of the concepts. Our goal is that the students attain mastery of the material before moving on to the next level. Students from grades 6 to 12 must attain at least 70% (C-) to be promoted to the next math level. Experience has shown us students who do not reach that level of mastery of mathematical concepts before moving ahead end up frustrated and struggling. Our goal is to not set students up for failure. ★ FreedomProject Academy is changing culture and restoring the nation through Classical education, teaching Judeo-Christian values & preparing the next generation of patriot leaders ● Learn more at © FreedomProject Academy Released 2016
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