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AP Boot Camp: Training for advanced placement classes

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
OXFORD, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- Boot camp; the name conjures up images of screaming drill sergeants and raw recruits sweating as they climb obstacles or crawl in the mud. But there's a new kind of boot camp in the Tri-State area, one for academic success. At Miami University, 160 Cincinnati Public School students are getting a one-week immersion in college level classes, language arts, social studies and in college life. Theyre sharing Oxford with university freshmen in for orientation, living in the dorms. Western Hills senior Hannah Quillin said, A lot of walking around the big campus. And a lot of classroom time. The students are polishing the skills needed to take advanced placement classes, high school classes which give college credit if students pass a test. Withrow High School senior, Nature Brooks, said, The skills are way more important than just the content, because anybody can just read a book. But if you don't understand it and you don't know how to do it then it's just pointless to do. The students attend schools where AP classes are generally not offered. Theres not enough demand, so the idea at AP Bootcamp is exposure. CPS curriculum manager Cindy Sanders said, Absolutely that was one of our goals in the program. Many of these students actually had never heard of advanced placement, never knew what it meant. So some of our principals identified kids who have these skills but they've never been given the opportunity to show these skills. They'll get the opportunity fall 2015 in what's called blended learning. Teacher Kraig Hoover, for example, will teach AP human geography a couple of days a week at four different schools. The kids do the rest of the work online. For Brooks, it's a huge opportunity. Her goal is to be the first among 15 siblings and half siblings to attend a four-year college. There will be another Advanced Placement Boot Camp for Cincinnati Public School students in late July. That one, at the University of Cincinnati campus, is for math and science courses. Follow Jeff Hirsh on Twitter @local12jeff, and LIKE him on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!