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Webcast: OPL and Database Connectivity

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Originally Recorded 2013 November 05 Link to PDF copy of slides, and downloadable presentation: This presentation discusses the database connectivity features built into the OPL product, from basic connectivity to advanced use cases. This talk also covers frequently asked questions and topics on these types of connections. * Introduction to the Database Connectivity Feature: 2:11 ** Supported database and data sources: 4:00 ** Cross-platform portability: 7:58 * Basic Usage: 9:36 ** Introduction to basic commands: 9:54 ** Prepare scripts: 15:22 ** Export data read from databases: 17:28 ** Special cases & limitations: 17:52 * Advanced Usage: 21:06 ** Reuse data elements and publisher: 21:16 ** Construct SQL queries dynamically: 23:55 ** Model multi-dimensional arrays for database persistence/Sparse Modeling: 26:04 ** Use invoke to process data by OPL functions: 31:19 ** Use external functions to populate data: 33:01 ** Data Preprocessing on Database End: 37:00 ** Which type of database connectivity to choose: 40:59 ** Load and save parameters in Databases: 44:38 * Conclusion and Q&A: 47:50 Presented by Liyuan Wang, Guang Feng, IBM ILOG Optimization Technical Support Engineers, Level 2
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