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Spoken word piece by Jonathan B. Tucker

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Spoken word artist and activist Jonathan B. Tucker from Split This Rock, in Washington DC Spits bars for stories of Palestinians living in Jabalia Refugee Camp.Tucker he is youth programs coordinator at Split This Rock, Coach of DC Youth Slam Team. ************** Jabaliya and Jenin Ramallah and Rafah say their names say Palestine say power say occupation diaspora death in refugee camp life in a refugee camp stuck in a refugee states for life say war say umma say soldier say home go back turnedsay ethnic separation wall of Apartheid what say you a thousand Mandelas with olive skin sit in prison today awaiting Truth millions of Mandelas move through the open-air prison that is Gaza awaiting Reconciliation but there is no truth and reconciliation with Israel there is ghetto and get out Jewish gestapo under the guise of a nation-state there is guilt and greed power and privilege and fear and fear and fear my people are scared paralyzed their hearts, minds, and hands frozen even their tongues cannot say Freedom