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Rap Battle of the Cells

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Created and Composed by Andrew Rudge and Daniel Hauersperger Lyrics Plant Cell Biology, the study of life Listen close don't give me your strife. I have just a couple of things to say 'cause plant cells are better and here to stay. Let's start with the flaws of my eukaryote friends. This might take a while because the list doesn't end. The shape of your membrane is boring and bland Get a cell wall and be strong like a man. Before you run away and hide I'll give you a chance, I'll hear your side. Animal Cell At least running is something I'm able to do Powered strong by metabolizing you Chloroplasts aren't too fast Doing such a "simple" task Turning the sun's rays into food I've seen solar panels do better than you! My lysosomes will chew you to pieces Like that (snap) before you finish cytokinesis. Speaking of cell division you pay the tolls that come with the absence of centrioles. You work around the rigid cell plate which in later stages gives your immobile fate. Plant Cell Photosynthesis you've gotten used to it because you're way too dependent on oxygen. Chloroplasts, a gift from above producing glucose that we all deeply love. Thylakoids stacked nicely in grana (are) all suspended in liquid stroma. Oh yeah, about the cell cycle I've observed you haven't set too high goals. Most of your life is in interphase You barely reproduce, let alone get a date During cytokinesis you look like a butt- the cleavage furrow, I'm telling you what. The cell plate is great, simple and straight. It's futuristic and the present day rave. Animal Cell Ninety percent of your volume's a trash can Sucking up water, it's big and fat, man. Here's something nice and true and factual- I look with disdain at you central vacuole. *Break down some sugars, pick up the tempo* Polyploidy? Those are errors boy! Broccoli from mustard? You can thank me, buster! All my mitochondria, They're pretty fond of ya. I made hundreds of new species but take out the rainforest. Took out 67 acres while I'm spittin' this chorus Now here's some feces Go fertilize your florets. Don't try to counter, you're already hurt. Get back on the ground and eat some more dirt. Plant Cell "did you just dis my central vacuole" "you bet I did" "anger" 90% trash, no 90% flash full of pigment that are/is sure to attract unless if its poisons that bring the hurt a strong blade against herbivores unpalatable compounds are stored as well if you try to eat them you won't fell swell i am not too nice, a little too mean and you'll never be... never be... better than... *animal cell is about to respond when* Prokaryotic Cells.. (What's he doing here) No nucleus, no problem (x3) Gonna show how it's done old school Grandpa P, that's fine by me since I've been 'round for longer than you'll ever hope to be. Been winning these battles 3.5 billion years. You may walk away but it will be in tears (I'm) structurally simple, chemically complex. In the timeline of Earth, you are nothing but specks. Fimbriae, I stick to stuff. Flagella, I move to stuff. Bacterial chromosome, I code for stuff. Nucleoid, I hold coding stuff. I gave you Chloroplasts you're welcome Mitochondria you're welcome Decomposers you're welcome Fermentation you're welcome Oil spill cleaning you're welcome Yoghurt and bread you're welcome Clean water you're welcome Fertile soil you're welcome Digestion you're welcome Base for evolution you're welcome Who needs membrane bound organelles, When you're the oldest, the baddest, the base of the cells!
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