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Mathematics Chapter 1 Class 10 CBSE Real Numbers - The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
CBSE Class 10 Maths - Chapter 1 Real Numbers -Part 3 The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. Topics covered in this 10th CBSE Maths video are as follows :- 1) Theorem - Every composite number can expressed/ factorised as a product of primes and this factorisation is unique apart from the order in which the prime factor occurs. 2) Simplification of theorem with example This video will guide you to get clear solution on your question. You must watch our all videos on Maths and other subjects like Science, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science of cbse class X to score extra marks in your 10th board exam. This video is also useful for genral study purpose for all cbse, ncert, state board, ssc students who want to study other than syllabus. You can also watch our all 10th Mathematics videos on CBSE class 10 Mathematics Syllabus - 1) Real Numbers 2) Polynomials 3) Pair of Linear Equations In Two Variables 4) Quadratic Equations 5) Arithmetic Progressions 6) Triangles 7) Coordinate Geometry 8) Introduction to Trigonometry 9) Some Applications of Trigonometry 10) Circles 11) Constructions 12) Areas Related to Circles 13) Surface Areas and Volumes 14) Statistics 15) Probability The video on this chapter - Real Numbers is also closely mapped with the mathematics syllabus of state boards of Maharashtra, Andrhapradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Madhyapradesh and such more states. You can subscribe to our channel by just clicking on learnFatafat also available on - Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Just Subscribe, Share or Like our videos to show your Love!
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