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Ivy Tech Quiz Crashing on

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
This is a video of the crashed quiz on while taking a 35-question technical CAD (Computer Aided Design) quiz within 20-minutes. This video illustrates precisely why timed quizzes and exams should never happen. If it is an open or closed book exam, the fact remains that not everyone has a fast connection and sometimes, they are using the wireless connection at a restaurant that requires a confirmation of their usage policy every 50-minutes or every few hours. This quiz was taken on 26 November 2013 at the Sellersburg, IND Taco Bell, just across the street from the Ivy Tech Campus as the campus had already closed for the day. There is no academic value or learning opportunity for students to take their TIMED quizzes or exams at GAMESHOW PACES! Who is benefiting from being coerced to just guess and move on to keep up with the clock? The computer is grading the automated exam, so the professors just see the tabulated grade. puts the grade automatically into the overall grade. Don't waste your time attending Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana! They are not sincere and serious about teaching at a higher level! I wasted a year attending the school. I already held seven (7) previous college degrees, so I knew more than most of my professors.
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