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Improve tuition | Best Study Advice For Students Ever | Study Skills

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Study Advice I regularly speak to a range of people who are in studying, and one of the questions I ask is, that I don't give up on that topic until my head hurts. The frustration, the struggling comes, to the pint where they begin to understand i, they begin to absorb the information and regularly revisit it. Should you be just reading the study material. I would say yes but you should go that extra step. If there are words and vocabulary that you don't understand I would suggest you use a dictionary or a glossary at the back of a book or something on the internet so you understand the ideas and concepts. Read the material. Spend enough time understanding that material. I always suggest this to my students. Once you've understood the material you write the notes. Read it in an analytical way. In away that you understand the words. It wont stick in your brain if you simply try to memorize it. It is unlikely you retain the information the first time. It is necessary to be active, write notes with different colors. Dont be afraid to rewrite the notes and make it better and better. Its important that you prioritize the subject. You need to manage multiple subjects, assign a number. Put the subjects into groups. Out of these eleven subjects, these are the priority subjects and so on. Prioritize that work. Its about working with efficiency its much much better. You need to know the structure of the exams. Know the exam papers. Look at how the questions are styled, the sections they are in. It boosts your confidence. A question is, where can you find the exam questions. The question can be answered in two ways. You can go to your teachers, or go to the website of your examination board, and they will allow you to see the specification, syllabus, and it will give you examiners reports, therefore it is is always important, you can go onto these websites and making folders and you use these exam papers and it it s covered a topic always look over the exam papers and answer the questrions per topic. Another effective way is to work with a buddy. The areas they are weak on and areas you are weak on, and if you work in an active way and if you have spent time, you will succeed. Research is showing that you will be able to learn the material much better. If it isn't working for you, then don't. Vice versa, if you are studying independently and that isn't working for you you should partner up. Improve Tuition is a dedicated and committed worldwide online tutoring provider with centers in the UK. Our Math & English tutors are passionate and we make phenomenal improvements over a nine month period. Offering a wide variety of helpful study skills resources for students of any grade level, organized by the process of studying and by subject. Study Advice
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