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iit jee chemistry video lecture classes | Nitrogen carbon compound

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
IIT JEE chemistry video lectures nitrogen compound by first ranker teacher We provide IIT JEE main advanced preparation videos for chemistry. Organic chemistry and physical chemistry with inorganic is covered very well in three parts. Total video 180 Hrs. HD quality lectures of chemistry. Past 35 years IIT JEE paper video solutions. AIEEE ,AFMC and AIPMT paper solutions. MNR, Roorkee and other exams past paper video solutions. MP State first rank general teacher. CBSE NCERT exercise questions solutions in video. Visit Call 08226060233, 09977204422. Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE Iupac nomenclature & isomerism, Hydro carbons, General organic chemistry & Stereo chemistry, Alcohol, phenol & ether, Aldehyde & ketone, Carboxylic acid & Derivatives, Nitrogen derivatives (Amines), Biochemistry.
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