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Gurinder Bhatti Episode 141 - 25 January 2014 - Study in UK, Canada and New Zealand

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Want to study Abroad, lets learn about International Policies. Join Mr. Rohit Sethi, the Leading Immigration Expert talk about various students' concerns regarding study abroad. In this video Mr. Sethi talks about: UK- - Requirements in terms of IELTS, diploma/degree, funds, living expense, STS universities, spouse category, +2 cases, B.A. cases. - Why UK is still a favorite destination for serious students. - Kinds of courses and jobs UK offers and their requirements. - Criteria for Interview, GTE category and BFS official interview. NZ- - Criteria for IELTS/ Non-IELTS and what factors to be kept in mind. - Long term Short Occupation list with scenarios of past/ present and chances of visa success under LTSO category. - Main motive of any country to give PR and the Systemized Education system of NZ with comparison to Australia. - Factors to be kept in mind for +2 students regarding course selection. - Predefined qualification level framework chart of NZ, Level related career progression and step-by-step career growth for PR. - FTS and non-FTS category in terms of funds provision and accumulative funds. - Intakes of government and private universities. Canada- - Main rejection reasons of Canadian study visas and the role of Caips note. - How to go about applying again after rejection. - Technical courses in detail and Importance of Math. - Individual course content progression and agents role in it. - May and September intake in terms of course selection, preparing and applying. - Steps to follow when an intake is missed in terms of funds transfer/ refund. - Offer letter for different courses, File presentation, processing time of visa, COE for combined courses as well as Recognition of prior learning details. This is a social initiative taken by the renowned Study and Immigration Expert Mr. Gurinder Bhatti from ESS Global Pvt. Ltd. To create awareness among students and protect them from fraud and malicious consultants. Subscribe and stay tuned to this channel for more information. If you like the video, please support us by liking it. Disclaimer: All information was accurate at the time of telecast. Visa rules and Regulations are decided by the respective Embassies and Government and are subject to change without prior notice.
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