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France eportfolio implementation in secondary education (French)

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Aims • To give the possibility to pupils to do a self-reflection , to give the pupils a possibility to learn from their experiences, particularly on their competencies , to facilitate their future learning and the choices of studies in higher education in order to play an active role in society and access to a network of professionals. • To be trained in self-assessment so that they can understand the main purpose of their learning and thereby grasp what they need to do to achieve • to draw up their CV and to write letters applying for jobs or answering offers of work. Each one (pupil, job seeker, employee ...) can clearly present its past experiences, current skills, and professional way he intends to take to reach goal. Objectives For the pupils : • To learn what is a competence and identify their own ones • To improve their confidence by a best knowledge of themselves • To be able to write a professional CV • To be able to carry out an eportfolio Learning to learning (L2L) competences* to be achieved: • self-regulation • self-management • ability to handle obstacles and change • communication (reading and writing) • collaboration • motivation and confidence Proposed activities Collaborative practices between teachers and pupils and within the classroom. The pupils have to implement "Wall of wonder". It is an original method to help pupils to identify the main steps they have taken to become what they are today, identify competences, to mobilise and recognise them, to use an Eportfolio and to help them to write their own CV. Pedagogical approach taken The implementation was carried with a collaboration between teachers and outside participant (researchers of University of Lorraine) In a first step we explained to the pupils who we are, what we intend to do. We asked them about their intents concerning following studies. In a second step we presented the frame of work and the tools which we will use. In a third step we used "autogenic training" which through autosuggestion, autogenic training deliberately influences bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing and circulation in order to remind the main steps of their life. In a forth step we tried to collect additional professional experiences. In a fifth step we associated past experiences and portfolio of skills And finally we implemented the tool Lorfolio.
France collaboration Eportfolio secondary education Interdisciplinary self-regulation self-management problem-solving and decision making ability to handle obstacles and change being creative communication reading and writing motivation and confidence