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Chasing Thunder (06.06.2012) Day 311

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Thunder Storms outside that are perfect to go for walks in, and I'm stuck inside revising?! So today and/or the past two days have been really brilliant. I've had a brilliant time and it has made a wonderful time away from revision as it's always important to have lots of revision breaks :D Lovely stayed over last night, so this morning was very long - we woke up really late, and then went downstairs and slobbed out in front of the TV in our pjs watching rubbish day time television shows like "Homes under the Hammer" and "Bargain Hunt" or some rubbish like that. ate our traditional cheese on toast. Unfortunately lovely had to go around 2 o'clock, and her having to leave is always the worst thing about her staying over. I could happily spend day after day with her :D but after that, nothing much happened today, I ploughed through some serious maths revision while a brilliant rain/thunder storm went on outside (it was amazingly loud buy I never got any of it on camera :( ). I obviously need to revise, but it is always made harder by having the awesome rain outside - since not much beats lovely walks in really really heavy rain! On the revision front - I've been motoring though further pure 2, and I'm so close to having revised every single chapter I can almost taste it! Then I can start splitting my time more intelligently :D but yeah that is about all for this video, and the description, so that you for reading/watching I'll catch you later, Main channel: Catch me on twitter:!/JamiePed My Blog: Tumblr: Add me on Google+:
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