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ASL Unit 21 Homework

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
Daniellys Diaz English: Hey, my name is Danny and this is unit 21 homework. GLOSS: HI, MY NAME DANNY, LESSON 21 HOME-WORK Part 1- Page 141-142 Set I 1. MY PARENTS GO-AWAY VACATION. I HAVE CL:LL DIRTY CL:BB. TOMORROW THEY ARRIVE HOME. TONIGHT MUST WASH-DISH. 2. YESTERDAY I WANT SEE MOVIE. ARRIVE. CL:44 (long line). 3. _______t______ TEACHER CL:1, STUDENT CL:1 (4)-GO-UP-TO-TEACHER. 4. I JEALOUS. DOROTHY VERY-THIN. DAILY HER CL:LL HAVE FOOD CL:B. 5. ___t___ RIVER, BOY CL:1(2)-GO-UP-TO-RIVER. 6. ______________t_____________ CLOTHES WASH-IN-MACHINE, IMPORTANT HAVE 2 CL:BB (right), CL:BB (left) SEPARATE. (Point right) CLOTHES COLOR, (point left) WHITE. 7. __________t__________ THAT HOUSE, FRONT, HAVE BICYCLE CL:A-ALL-OVER. 8. ___________t___________ ________________t_____________ _______t_______ TEACH SIGN LANGUAGE, CHAIR CL:V-IN-A-SEMI-CIRCLE (right) CL:V-IN-A-ROW (left), (semi-circle) BETTER. 9. __t__ ___________t________________ BEER, PERSON DRINK-REPEATEDLY, OFTEN CL:1-STAGGER. (carelessly) 10. POLICEMAN CL:1(2)-COME-RAPIDLY-UP-TO-ME. THEY THEY-BAWL-OUT-ME. 11. DESK HAVE PAPER CL: B-ALL-OVER. 12. _________________t_____________________ PEOPLE WANT BUY TICKEY L-O-T-T-E-R-Y, WOW, CL:44 (long line). 13. _________n_________ I WANT PAPER CL:B-IN-A-ROW, NOT CL:B-ALL-OVER. 14. _____________t______________ I DON’T-LIKE THAT AIRPORT. HAVE AIRPLANE CL:Y-ALL-OVER. I PREFER CL: Y -IN-A-ROW. Part 2- Page 146 Exercise II ____t_____ COLLEGE, I WANT GO-TO. LAST FALL I APPLY N-T-I-D IX (right) ss GALLAUDET IX ___t___ _____rh____ (left). 3-WEEK-AGO, LETTER IX- GIVE-ME (Gallaudet). ACCEPT ME? YES. TODAY, LETTER IX- GIVE-ME (ntid). ACCEPT ME SAME. ___________rh____________ WHICH COLLEGE I GO-TO? I CAN’T DECIDE. I WANT TO-BE EITHER TEACHER O-R CAMERA-AGENT. #IF I DECIDE TO-BE TEACHER, I MUST GO-IX (gallaudet). I CAN’T GO- IX (ntid). 4-YEAR COLLEGE IX (gallaudet); 2-YEAR COLLEGE IX (ntid). BUT… WAIT…4-YEARS COLLEGE! WOW, LONG-TIME! MAYBE I PREFER 2-YEAR COLLEGE. I ENJOY TAKING-PICTURES A-LOT ss SUPPOSE I-GO-IX (ntid) I CAN FINISH COLLEGE 2-YEARS ss FIND #JOB ss EARN MONEY. BUT, WHEN I SEE CHILDREN, I-LOOK-AT-THEM, FEEL I PREFER TEACHING. I DON’T KNOW TO-DO. ___________t_________ IMPORTANT DECISION, I THINK LONG ss CAREFULLY ABOUT. Part 3 Page 147- Exercise III 1. I FEEL VERY-SICK. (sick) 2. SIGN VERY-SLOW, PLEASE. (imploring) 3. MY FATHER LAY-OFF. NOW MONEY DIFFICULT. (sad)
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