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1Z0-141 – Oracle9i Test Forms Developer Exam Build Internet Applications Questions

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Xuất bản 29/06/2016
For Oracle 1Z0-141 Test Questions and Answers Please Visit: Exam Section 1 – Introduction to Oracle Forms Developer & Oracle Forms Services Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 2 – Running a Forms Developer Test Application Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 3 – Creating LOVs & Editors Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 4 – Creating Additional Input Test Items Questions (Test Coverage 15%) Exam Section 5 – Creating Nonimput Items Questions (Test Coverage 15%) Exam Section 6 – Creating Windows & Content Canvases Questions (Test Coverage 15%) Exam Section 7 – Working with other Canvas Test Types Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 8 – Introduction to Triggers Questions (Test Coverage 15%) (Exam Time): 120 minutes (Number of Test Questions): 69 (1Z0-141 Passing Score): 75% 1. Introduction to Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Forms Services • Describe the components of Oracle9i Developer Test Suite for 1Z0-141 and the Oracle9i Application Server • Describe the features and benefits of Oracle Forms Questions Services and Oracle Forms Developer • Describe the architecture of Oracle Forms Services Test • Describe Forms Builder components • Navigate the Forms Builder interface for 1Z0-141 • Customize the Forms Builder session exam • Use the online help facilities 2. Running a Forms Developer Application • Describe the run-time environment • Explain the role of each test • Modify Forms environment variables • Describe the appearance of a form at run time • Navigate a Forms application for 1Z0-141 • Retrieve both restricted and unrestricted questions data • Describe the two modes of operation • Insert, update, and delete records • Display database errors test 3. Creating LOVs and Editors • Describe LOVs and editors questions • Design, create, and associate LOVs with text exam items in a form module • Describe the relationship between LOVs and record test groups • Explain the steps to create an LOV for 1Z0-141 manually • Use the LOV Wizard to create an LOV questions • Set LOV properties • Create editors and associate test them with text items in a form module 4. Creating Noninput Items • Describe item types that do not allow exam input • Create a display item • Create an image item • Create a button for 1Z0-141 • Create a calculated item • Create a hierarchical tree questions item • Create a bean area item 5. Creating Windows and Content Canvases • Define windows, content canvases test, and viewports • Describe the relationship between exam windows and content canvases • Create windows and content canvases for 1Z0-141 • Display a form module in multiple windows questions and on multiple layouts
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