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What I Like About Math: A Short Film

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
This short film is brought to you by Fossil Ridge High School's TV3 class and Sabercat Studios. Written by Kat Bugarin this is only one scene in a longer script telling the story of Clara, a friend who has passed away, and Lily, the main character seen here. This heartbreaking story faces the challenges of life and the choices that are made for you. Director: Jack Lowry Screenwriter: Kat Bugarin Producer: Rafeal Souza Cinematographer: Andrew Hanson Sound Engineer: Colby Ripsam Editor: Ethan Gilbert
Film Media Genre Film Film Short Film Film Genre Drama TV Genre Colby Ripsam Jack Lowry Shannon Malloy Kat Bugarin Andrew Hanson Ethan Gilbert Megan Trujillo Rafeal Souza Sabercat Studios Sabercat Films Tragedy TV Genre Fossil Ridge High School School