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The Magic of Math – Increase Consistency Without Increasing Risk

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
This video is the recording of our webinar on June 9th, 2016 with Dean Jenkins of Follow Me Trades. To learn more from Dean, visit his Trader Kingdom expert page: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dean's Most Popular Trader Kingdom Webinar Recording: Money-Management Formulas To Boost the Bottom Line - ------------------------------------------------------------------ Join Dean Jenkins as he demonstrates a simple method, using simple math, for adding to an existing trade without adding to the risk or potential loss on the trade. This live online session will also review trade size, scaling in and doubling down and why it is crucial that you know how all of these items can impact your trading. Topics to be discussed include: How to correctly determine the correct initial trade size for controlling risk. The difference between “Doubling Down” and “Scaling In” and the relative risks of each strategy. The simple math for “Scaling In” and how you can use this to improve consistency without increasing risk. Dean Jenkins is the founder of He has over 20 years of investing and trading experience and makes his living both day-trading futures and position trading equities and options. He is’s “Head Coach” for their one-on-one coaching division and consults with traders all around the globe helping them reach their financial goals.
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