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The Easiest Brain Teaser You Might Get Wrong

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
Try and solve the easiest brain teaser you might get wrong. The chicken costs $1.00 more than the egg, and together they cost a total of $1.06. How much does the egg cost? My name is Chris and my passion is to teach math. Learning should never be a struggle which is why I make all my videos as simple and fun as possible. I cover all subjects from basic level math through upper level calculus and statistics. I also make brain teaser and Rubik's cube videos for fun. Check out all of my other brain teasers. The Easiest brain teaser driving the internet insane (Fruit problem) The Easiest brain teaser that will rack your brain Heaven and hell - Brain Teaser Two Burning Ropes - Brain Teaser Cross the river - Brain Teaser Game show - Brain Teaser Don't checkmate - Brain Teaser Counterfeit coins - Brain Teaser Channel Page - Facebook Page - Patreon Page -
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