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review of Davaanyam teacher of the visually impaired children 116 secondary school part1.avi

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
DAISY BOOKS ENLIGHTEN THE FUTURE OF THE STUDENTS OF THE SPECIAL SCHOOL No 116 Davaanyam, teacher of Mongolian language and literature. He has been working as teacher to the children with visual and hearing disparities since 1985. "It is found to be a much more advanced technology compared to the audio that had been used by us. Since November 2010 the BookSense device has been introduced to 80 students of the school. They are so happy to use the new device because it saves time and greatly increases the motivation. The children simply love the BookSenses. The Braille has some advantages as it improves memory and helps to learn concentration. However, thick books like a novel are better to be listened in a DAISY format. It is also incomparable in bringing the emotions of the content."
Mongolia PLIP project EIFL