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Math And Minecraft (A Mathematics Project)

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
What happen when Math combines with Minecraft? Find Out in this video. (contains no commentary) All song(tracks) used are detailed below. Kamen Rider Double - We're two in one detective Final Fantasy Dimensions - World of Light Kevin Macleod - Pixel Peeker Polka (Faster) Peer Gynt - Morning Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Playing With Danger Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Intruder Alert Sad Romance(Violin Version) Hayate No Gotoku! Ost. - Hanmon Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Dapper Cadaver Final Fantasy Dimensions - Town Heroes Of Newerth - Hero Selection Song Heroes Of Newerth - The Legion Final Fantasy Dimensions - Victory! Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Faster Than Speeding Bullet Yaxety Sax Outro Song Song: Droideka - Human Error Droideka's channel: Third Party Media used for non commercial purpose. And I didn't own all these songs.
Mathematics Field Of Study Minecraft Award-Winning Work