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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
REAL REASON WHY IRAN WON'T BE ALLOWED TO BUILD NUKES IS THEN THEY HAVE THE LEEWAY TO BACK EVERYONE OFF AND GO INTO SPACE. LAST THING THE EURO OLIGARCHS WANT IS MUSLIMS IN SPACE BECAUSE THEN THEY"LL SEE THE TRUTH AND IT'S ALL OVER. MISSILE = ROCKET. Math Powerland ex-NASA operational graphics manager and perception scientist/engineer, exposes the reason why they won't allow rogue nations in space, using comedy the only way to get the message out to the world immediately . He will expose a MAJOR MAJOR flaw and inconsistency in all footage from NASA , reducing it to counterfeit mulch. He ends his presentation with the juggernaut of all flagrant blatant detailed proof, which has escaped the entire world population . All footage of the earth in rotation from space: THE CLOUDS ARE NOT CHANGING, a massive daunting task CGI cell by cell animation NASA FX artists neglected to do when creating a phoney sped time-lapse footage of the earth as a ball spinning in space. NASA acronym for National Arts and Science Association, where Art and Science come together to fool the public. THE REAL REASON WHY THE UN SECUIRTY COUNCIL DOESN"T WANT OTHER PEOPLE WITH NUKES because it's a bargaining chip to go high enough to see the real size and shape of the earth below the greatest deception no one can ever know.
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