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Creative Physics® in Wildwood, New Jersey

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
Creative Physics® 5.0 is 3D Interactive Software based on the core principles of Classical Physics. A powerful interface and user-friendly design make it perfect for high school, university, and graduate-level physics and astronomy labs. Included are over 400 pre-built experiments taught in classical physics. Creative Physics is an excellent way to convey concepts of vector addition, parabolas, and other math concepts, and it is a favorite software among math teachers. Creative Physics® 5.0 supports Microsoft Equation Editor and WordPad, so the professor can add equations or notes directly onto the screen of the 3D simulation. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for the teacher to create his own physics or math problems, literally within seconds for students to work- and then see them run in 3D. One can select an environment for the experiment, such as in air or a vacuum, water, apply gravitational or electric fields and much more. Creative Physics® is user-friendly, has on-screen help, and a powerful interface. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Please see our website for more details, or to download and try Creative Physics® completely free! We are constantly improving Creative Physics® and all purchases come with free updates for the life of the product. Creative Physics® is available for download purchase and a CD purchase option, if preferred, will be offered at checkout. Tutorial videos are available on our Youtube site, with new ones being released regularly. For our customers' convenience, our shopping cart is available worldwide in 21 currencies and in 25 languages. Purchase orders are also accepted. Creative Physics® is made for the student, but powerful enough for the professor. Creative Physics® is a Registered Trademark of Stewart Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved. "Creative Physics®. A Secret of Ivy League Schools for Over 20 Years." OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ONLINE SHOPPING CART: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: "Creative Physics®. Made for the student, but powerful enough for the Professor." PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS FOR UPDATES ON CREATIVE PHYSICS, NEW EXPERIMENTS, AND TUTORIAL VIDEO POSTINGS. Thank You.
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