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Best Preschool Math Curriculum

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
A preschool math curriculum should involve teaching preschool lessons through interactive activities. Preschool children can be a handful and it is important to keep them interested in your lessons. You can use learning games and activity worksheets when conducting assessments and reinforcements. Manipulative strategies are also very important for preschool math lessons. You should rely on many learning tools to keep the children’s learning process fun and exciting. It is very important to remember that a preschool math curriculum should introduce a little concept of each math strand. You should not focus only on arithmetic. The major math strands that should be covered are sense and operations, geometry and spatial sense, algebra, measurement, probability, and data analysis. These math strands may be surprising for you but it is very crucial that you include this in your curriculum. Preschool math gives an opportunity for children to get a basic knowledge of counting, shapes, and other very simple math concepts. You can teach these math concepts through creative stories, songs, finger-plays, and other methods that will keep the children interested in your lesson. Your curriculum should also include learning more about geometrical figures and objects. Concepts of measurement of weight, length, time, capacity, and temperature should also be incorporated. At the end of the curriculum, the children should also have an idea of measuring temperature; understand the use of money, graphs and charts and how they are used for analyzing data. Algebraic patterns may also be introduced in as early as this stage. The goal of a preschool math curriculum is to introduce a little concept of each math strand. The children should have at least a little idea of every math strand. Proper assessment and reinforcement is highly encouraged. At this stage, it is crucial for the children to develop an interest in math subjects. This is why you should incorporate fun and exciting activities into your lesson plans.
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