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TOEFL listening test 2.3

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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Learn TOEFL online with Skype or phone @ with a Native English teacher. Questions 12 What is the talk mainly about? a) The constitution b) The preamble to the constitution c) The colonial days under the British rule d) How the colonists were treated by England 13 Why does the professor mention the word "Framers"? a) To explain that they wrote the constitution b) To show their importance c) To explain they were deep thinkers d) To give the students a new word to add to their vocabulary 14 What does the professor think about the term "Common Defense" used by Framers? a) Framers wanted to have a long and costly war b) Framers wanted their country's security c) Framers wanted to look after everyone's rights d) Framers wanted people to remain free 15 According to the professor, what does "posterity" mean? a) The future b) Future governments c) Future generations d) He does not say 16 What does the professor say about the organization of the document a) It is made up of the Bill of Rights b) It is all inclusive c) It organizes the government into branches and spells out other rights, duties and limitations d) All of the above 17 Why does the student say this: a) To express situations where people would need help from the new government b) To give an answer that might have been a reason for wording in the preamble c) To be vague in answering d) To answer without being specific Answers are at the bottom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Answers -- 12b, 13a, 14b, 15c, 16c, 17b
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