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Black Friday Shopping Madness (a full explanation)

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
Learn about the 'demon' of self that is the source of Black Friday Shopping Madness. The spiritual zombies are slaves to their base urges and programmed by the Babylon system. They are possessed by the 'demon', that is to say, their base instincts and selfish desires. Black Friday is a perfect example of the sickness so many exhibit every year, to celebrate the Apex of a corrupt year with a desperate and vain attempt to fulfill insatiable lusts for worldly things, which reaches its culmination on December 25th, Christmas Day. Christmas is a wonderful time to teach your children about the Christ we are taught about in churches across America. That is, the Christ who loves everyone, and desires that we all be given the desires of our hearts. Christmas can be a time to make sure the desires of others are fulfilled. Listen to Minister Jim Brown teach a simple Christmas message of love, and let him show you a miracle of truth regarding the Christmas Holiday. Sermon 1944 2008 Scholar and minister Jim Brown teaches the pagan origins and connections between Christmas (Christ Mass), Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter and how they are all geared toward serving the flesh, aka 'demons'. Grace & Truth Ministries
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