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Learn Business English key words - objective, goal, aim, target - IELTS, BEC

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
4 important English words used for personal and business life and strategic plans: (see also my Business English Playlist for more videos: In this tutorial I look at the uses of these 4 key words used everyday in English, and are fundamental words in Business English including economics and politics: objectives, goals, aims,targets. The 4 words shape an integral part of the language for strategic planning, but are also used for personal life goals. How we use these words and what are the common collations in a wide variety of phrases and sentences. The tutorial is useful for all people studying English and Business English for exams, like IELTS and Cambridge BEC. I hope it will help anyone Doing Business in English to understand the many uses of these important words.. Here are the examples I used in the video. objective | goal | aim | target establish goals/objectives, targets target-driven goal-orientated set a target to aim for a target hit the target miss the target be over target be under target be on target exceed objectives to target realistic unrealistic ambitious over ambitious conservative feasable unfeasable feasability to achieve achievable unachievable set goals/objectives set targets using reflexive pronouns individuals / companies / governing bodies set themselves goals/objectives/targets The Bank of England has set itself a target for a maximum rate of inflation of 2% per year I have set myself a goal to lose 5kgs in 6 months. companies / governing bodies set goals/objectives/targets for their employees The sales manager set a monthly sales goal for every sales person of 2000 units. The main goal in my life is to be a good father to my children. Apple has ambitious sales targets for its AppleWatch. The objective of the AppleWatch is to make “wearable technology” fashionable and cool. Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets UK, said: “A bigger than expected slide in both March exports and imports has raised concerns about the prospects of the Chinese economy hitting its 7% GDP target later this week We are aiming to raise £1000.00 for charity in the London Marathon this year. The British Government missed all its targets for deficit reduction in the 5 year parliament. We need to target people who have disposable incomes over $70.000 per year. We set realistic monthly targets for our salespeople and all representatives were able to achieve them so far this year. To achieve the goals you set yourself, be realistic, be consistent, work hard and have fun trying to reach them. By the end of this year we should meet our energy saving targets with the objective of reducing costs in the factory. Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives. Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. aim vs target The business secretary stressed that his party has not committed itself irrevocably to getting rid of the current deficit in 2017-18. “We were very careful; remember I got involved in that negotiation and 1917-18 is an aim rather than a target. That allows us to take account of changes in the condition of the economy, and it is a three-year forward rolling goal. It sets an aim; it doesn’t set a rigid target which disregards economic conditions.”
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