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Learn English Like a Child

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Xuất bản 21/08/2015
Doing English+: Daily Newsletter: In this video... Hi there. Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. This is Julian and this is Doing English. We had a great master class session this morning. This morning was March's Doing English class master class, and actually probably had the best one we've had yet in my opinion. Probably part of the reason for that is because I shut up and let someone else do the talking. Today, I had a guest speaker, Valerie, one of the doing English plus members who is somebody who grew up trilingual and is now hexalingual, in she speaks six languages, and she shared with us her story, which is absolutely fascinating and of her insights and the lessons she has learned from literally a lifetime of language learning. One of the things that we touched upon, and this is an hour-long session. One of the things, which we touched upon was the idea of kids learning languages and I think people tend to think, "Learn English like a child, lean English like a kid," like they learn easily and without effort. It's like they just can get the language. It just somehow ends up in their head and that's it. Really, that's a lot of rubbish. This is something that Valerie pointed out but we don't really remember much or really anything before the age of about five or six. Most of the language learning is going on way, way before that. We forget, I think, just how difficult it was and kids are full of angst and frustration about learning their first languages, and yeah, it's just not as simple as that. However, and again, this is something that Valerie pointed out, there is something to the idea of learning language like kid. However, not in a way that people think, but it's the way that people think you should learn English like a child actually isn't true, doesn't work, but the way that you should actually learn English like a child, that is the way that children actually learn language, not in this kind of effortless kind of way, but in the way they actually learn it, there is actually a lot of truth to it. Yeah, it was a very, very interesting session today. If you want to know more about that, again, this is something we touched upon in a very, very tiny portion. We covered so many information that you can literally take away and apply it to your own English learning today. But if you want to get the rest of that, you're going to need to go down below this video, click on the link and go and join Doing English Plus. This month's master class will be archived on the 11:59pm on the 31st of this month, meaning if you join after that time and date, you won't get access to it. If you want to get that, you're going to need to join Doing English Plus in March. Okay. As I said, go down below this video, click on the link, and go check that out. That is it from me today. This is Julian signing off. Goodbye. The Doing English Video Blog: » Learn English Vocabulary: Tricky English Words: More Vocabulary Lessons: English News Discussion Lessons: Advice for Learning English: Doing English+: Daily Newsletter:
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