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Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale Longshot Knuckleball Tutorial | How to shoot a Knuckle Ball

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Xuất bản 12/08/2015
Deutsche / German ► Cristiano Ronaldo Longshot - Shoot Tutorial 2013 | Learn how to do "nearly" every step of this technique | How to shoot a Knuckle Ball | Shooting Technique | english/englisch ► Join #teamfk / Kommt ins #teamfk: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Vine: ► Soundcloud: ► Shop (DE): (weltweiter Versand) ► Shop (EN): (worldwirde shipping) ► Shop (US): (worldwirde shipping) ---------------------------------------------------------- ► 2nd Channel: Hi guys, here at least is my Rolling Knuckle Ball / Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kickl tutorial that i've promised for so long. The Cristiano Ronaldo Shooting technique is similar to my rolling knuckleball technique - just watch some Longshots of Cristiano Ronaldo in some games. I have been trying to explain every step carefully and respond to all matters in detail. However, this technique is the hardest technique i know in football and therefore it may even take months before you can master this technique. You really shoud be patient - I hope it brings you further, at least something. Look at the explainings and my movements, especially the slow motions of the Rolling Knuckleballs at the end: you will see the steps very well. Cheers, your freekickerz team Konzi247 music: Musik: 1. DJBJRA - Madness Divinity 2. e-dubble - Life Coach ►My Equipement - Was ich zum Filmen benutze (Anzeigelink) ➨ Schwebestativ / Flycam: ➨ Kamera 1: ➨ Kamera 2: ➨ Camcorder (Free Kicks): ➨ Camcorder 2 (Free Kicks): ➨ Stativ: ➨ Goal-Tor-Cam: ➨ Goal-Tor-Cam 2: ➨ Editing/Schnittprogramm: ➨ Thumbnails & Bildbearbeitung: Have you ever seen a soccer ball that knuckles? It's one of the hardest shot for a keeper to stop because it's not spinning and so it starts moving all over the place much like why a knuckle ball pitcher in baseball can throw a 65 mile an hour pitch and a hitter can't hit it. Well this is true for soccer. But most people have no idea how to do this. When you purchase the course, I have a video that really shows and talks about how to specifically do this but just because, I'm feeling generous today I'll at least tell you the basics. First thing you need to do is line the ball up with the rubber valve. The valve is where you use your ball pump to put air in it. This is known as the pressure spot on the ball because it will create a more torque when you kick it and the pressure will blast the ball off the foot in an explosive way. The second you need to know is where to kick the ball. Most people take shots in the middle of the ball but that's not the sweet spot. Again you want to know where the best spot to get the most explosive kick on the ball is right? Well that spot is just to the inside of the middle. It's much easier to show you in the member's section with the video I did but just try and follow along here. If you kick the ball and it has inside spin, then you are kicking the ball to far to the inside. If you kick the ball and it has outside spin then you're close to the sweet spot. You are just a tad too far inside. The sweet spot is small but when you hit it and trust me you'll get really good at this when going through our course. You'll get all the mechanics and secrets down, but you'll see it have either no spin or knuckle. And I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to get this shot down and to see the goalie get nervous because a rocket shot is coming straight at them but it knuckles at the last second for a sick goal. Tags: video about cristiano ronaldo shooting technique cristiano ronaldo dos santos aveiro cr7 - cristiano ronaldo tutorial cr9 cristiano ronaldo how to compilation cristiano ronaldo comp Cristiano Ronaldo - Best of 2012 - Skills and Goals trick skills pass simply fantastic awesome brilliant player real madrid sevilla levante rabona freekick hat world soccer football bicycle kick penalty amazing lionel messi Barcelona neymar CR7 CR9 vs compilation champions league away home full hd hq bbva primera division assist highlights el clasico ronaldinho Business, Media or Sponsors, Please contact us:
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