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Ugandan Minister of Finance thanking Better Globe and Child Africa at an event in 2009 (English)

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Xuất bản 13/08/2015
This is a segment from Fred Omach's (the Ugandan Minister Of Finance) speech given during a Child Africa event, with visiting Better Globe members from Scandinavia and several government officials as guests in Kabale on the 20th of February 2009. Chairman/CEO of Better Globe Group Rino Solberg founded Child Africa together with his wife Julie Solberg back in 1991. Today Better Globe supports Child Africa every time a Better Globe Donation Packages is sold. After thanking Julie and Rino for looking after the interest of education in Africa, the Minister Of Finance moves on to thank Better Globe for their tree planting projects, pointing out the importance for the environment, both locally and globally. Minister Fred Omach also points out that Better Globe have the full cooperation from the Ugandan Government and the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Better Globes long term mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa and they have chosen to do this though a business model for sustainability. This also means that Better Globe have steady income and are not dependent on donations or charity like other organizations are. It is a fully sustainable concept where poor communities in Africa win, the environment win and everybody who buys the Better Globe Donation Package win! Learn how socially responsible development in Africa through a sustainable business model can help secure future food supply by caring for the environment and preventing desertification:
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