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Allen Wong lectures a Texas Tech University class for a day about apps

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Xuất bản 17/08/2015
Answering a few questions from Kevin Traub and his Texas Tech University marketing class with a bonus video at the end (those who only want to see the bonus video can just skip to the end). The questions were: 1) Did you take any precautionary procedures to protect the functions of your app from being stolen? 2) Do you feel that it is more beneficial to constantly update and adapt a single app to keep up with competitors or should individuals/organizations constantly be innovating new app ideas. 3) How did you decide how specific or broad to make your app? What were your limits/constraints? 4) Where did you get your inspiration for your police scanner app? Why do you think it became so popular so fast? 5) Looking back, are there any major things you wish you would have done differently while developing your apps? Links mentioned in the video: My Reddit AMA: Discount off my book: My Facebook: Bonus video taken by Derek Walker:
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