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IELTS Speaking Test Practice - Adult English School

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Xuất bản 13/08/2015 | IELTS speaking practice test preparation example video featuring Rae and James This IELTS speaking practice test gives you an idea of what a real IELTS test might be like. It features questions that students have actually been asked in the real exam. This paragraph was updated in 2012 to tell you that another student had similar questions to these recently, so they're still being asked! Please note in the real IELTS test your voice is recorded and at the second stage you are given a card, blank paper and a pencil. In the video James hands Rae his IELTS speaking questions sheet. Also, in the real exam, the IELTS examiner has a huge folder of questions to refer to. You can't hope to learn them all! Rae scored 7 in the IELTS exam around the time of the video. As the exam has been made harder in recent years, if she was to sit the exam now at the level in this older video she would be more likely to score a 6.5! (Rae got a job in Sydney soon after and has a speaking level closer to 9 now.) So, to increase your English speaking skills quickly: 1. Move to a country where only English is spoken (avoid communities of non-natives until after the exam) 2. Stop speaking your native language to your friends and family until after the exam. (Prioritise! Your friends and family should understand your goals) 3. Only read, write and think in English (that even includes short notes to yourself like 'buy soap' or 'call James' and avoiding the translated texts on signs and brochures and looking for the English ones!) After you've been focusing on English for 6 months in an English speaking country and completely avoiding using any other language, you should get to the point where immigration officials, employers and IELTS examiners will be able to consider your language has reached a 7. (Note that in Australia, some native English speakers from Britain, Ireland and the USA have been asked to sit the IELTS exam as their accent is too strong!) We hope this IELTS speaking practice video / movie helps you prepare for the IELTS exam. If you're in Sydney and require a general IELTS tutor, please visit or download the app to easily access all speaking practice videos:
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