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Real TOEIC Test of Part 3 | English Listening Test With Answers & Transcript

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
A real test of Part 3: Conversation in Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). This is extracted from a real exam. Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation M: There’s so much traffic on Main Street at this time of day. It will take us ages to get to the theater from here. W: Well, we could try going another way. If you go around the other side of central park, the road might be a lot clearer. M: Good idea. I’ll make a left at the next intersection and head up Lyle Avenue. Questions 44-46 refer to the following conversation W: How do you like your new job, Chris? M: I’m enjoying it so far. The work is really challenging and my new colleagues are very friendly. They are really helping me to settle in. W:That’s good. I guess the new office is more convenient from your point of view. M: Yes, it’s much closer to my house. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to work on the subway. Questions 47-49 refer to the following conversation M: I'm going to the cafeteria for my morning break. Do you want to come? W: I’d love to, but I have to stay in the office. I’m expecting an important call. M: In that case, do you want me to pick something up for you? It’s no bother. W: Okay, that’d be great. Can you get me an iced coffee and a muffin? Wait a minute while I get my wallet. Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation W: Hi. I’d like five tickets on the Worldview Cruise, please. That’s for 2 adults and 3 children. My name is Walker. M: Okay, I’ll hold those tickets for you until we receive payment in the full amount of $5000. W: Sure, but how do I pay? There’s not much information about that on your brochure M: Well, you can either pay online at, or you can do it in person at the Worldview Travel Center. But if you don’t pay within 7 days, your reservation will be canceled. Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation W: Good morning, this is Jenny Taylor. I’m so sorry I had to cancel my appointment with Mr. Bradshaw last Monday. I’d like to reschedule. M: Okay, Ms. Taylor. When would you like to come in? Bear in mind that Mr. Bradshaw is fully booked for the rest of the week. W: Well, in that case, I guess it’ll need to be next week. How about Friday at 3 P.M.? M: Yes, that should be fine. I’ll call you on Thursday to reconfirm the appointment. And, please call ahead of time to let me know if you can’t make it. Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation M: Kelly, how’s the construction project that you’re in charge of at Penrith Mall going? W: Unfortunately, sir, it’s a couple of days behind schedule. We discovered some leaking pipes on the second floor last week. We needed to stop work to replace the pipes and repair the damage. M: That’s not good news at all. I hope as manager you’re doing all you can to make up time. Every day we go over the deadline costs the company money. W: Don’t worry about losing money. I'll get the laborers to work overtime this week. I’m sure we'll get it finished on time Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation M: Penny, remember that restaurant employees need to do food safety training at least once a year. The staff must be due to take a refresher course by now. W: I know, Roger. I’ve already organized a couple of training sessions for next week. I’m planning to get the day shift manager, Helen, to lead the course. M: But she’s going on vacation next week, isn’t she? Get the catering director Sam Headley to do it instead. He has plenty of experience handling food safety issues, so he’s certainly qualified for the role. Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation W: Martin, I’ve recently moved to a new apartment and I need to furnish my new place. Do you know where I can find reasonably priced furniture? M: Well, I usually go to Levene’s Homeware. They always have special deals. W: I’ve tried there, but they didn’t have much variety. There was nothing bold that really caught my attention. M: Okay, then how about Great Ideas? It has an excellent selection, including lots of top-quality European items. It is a little more expensive than Levene’s, but it’s still affordable. Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation M: Hello, my name is Terry Liddell. I’m here to collect my suit and two shirts. W: Already? I thought you only needed those clothes back by Monday next week. I’m so sorry. I must have been mistaken. M: Oh dear. The thing is ... I need to wear my suit for a function on Saturday. When is the earliest you could have it done by? W: Well, I guess if I made it a priority I could have all your items ready by Friday night. I hope this is okay. And of course, I’ll give you a discount for all the bother. ----- CORRECT ANSWERS 41.A -42.D -43.B -44.A -45.B -46.A -47.A -48.A -49.C -50.B -51.B -52.D -53.B -54.B -55.D -56.D -57.D -58.C -59.A -60.B -61.B -62.C -63.D -64.B -65.B -66.A -67.B -68.A -69.C -70.A
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