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Zoo Animals for Children | Kids Learn Spelling in English | PicTrain™

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
Zoo Animals for Children, Learn Spelling in English - Learn to spell by spelling the names of these ferocious zoo animals! Spell along with the PicTrain™ as we spell each of the names of these awesome zoo animals: lions, tigers, bears and more! All aboard for a fun-filled, interactive spelling journey with vibrant, full color, high definition images of zoo animals on the PicTrain™ - it's a fun and easy way to learn to spell! Utilizing visual and aural repetition; simple, fun, and well-known tunes; and colorful and visually stimulating images, Pictrain helps babies, toddlers, Pre-K and ESL students learn train-loads of things! So all aboard this Pictrain learning track - it is jam-packed with fun-filled excitement and opportunities to expand your horizons! PicTrain™ -- laying the tracks for learning! Website: Facebook: Original music was created for this PicTrain™ video. To purchase PicTrain™ songs and videos, visit
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