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Learn English Mini Story - The Job Interview

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
Get more Learn English Mini-Stories at This is an English mini story to help students who want to learn new vocabulary words, reduce their accent, and improve pronunciation. You can find more english mini stories at or see the transcript below or watch the original video at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is Tom. These are his friends Joe and Bill. They just finished law school. They are looking for new jobs. They see and ad for a job opening at Torre & Associates. But they know it won't be easy. Tom and his friends go to the office on the day of the interview. The hall is full of potential job candidates waiting to be interviewed. Tom and his friends realized their chances of getting a job are pretty slim. So, they come up with an awesome plan. The interviewer steps out of the office and calls for Mr. Goodman. Goodman is Bill's last name. So, he steps into the office. The interviewer looks at his resumé and asks, "What makes you think you qualify for this job?" Bill pretends he is being harmed. He screams and makes a lot of noise. Joe pretends to be afraid. He stands up and walks out. The other interviewees start to leave too. They are scared out of their wits. Bill continues to make a lot of noise. He slams himself against the wall. More interviewees start to leave. Meanwhile, Bill opens the door and hurls himself across the hall. Everyone else leaves too...except for Tom. The interviewer looks at him dumbfounded and says, 'next'. Tom just smiles and waves. ========================================= Question And Answer for Mini-story ========================================= 1. What is Tom looking for? 2. Where do he and his friends go? 3. Why do they go to Torre & Associates? 4. Who calls Mr. Goodman into the office? 5. What does the interviewer ask Bill? 6. How does Bill respond? 7. Why does Bill act crazy? 8. What do all the other job candidates do when they hear Bill screaming? 9. Who is the first job candidate to leave? 10. Does Bill get the job? Get more Learn English Mini-Stories at
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