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Job Interview Tips 3 - You're Hired | Learn English | British Council

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
Practice exercises: Marcia calls two of the candidates giving them details of the interview process. Transcript MB: Hi, I'm Marcia Boardman, I'm calling from WebWare. DW: Oh hi, Marcia. Great to hear from you. MB: You'll already have been told you've been shortlisted for interview... ST: Oh... yes... great... hello? Can you hear me? MB: Yes... Is it OK if I call you now? Would you like me to call you back later? ST: Erm, no, no, no, that's OK... MB: Good - well we're very excited about meeting you. OK, I just want to talk you through the procedure for the day. Someone will meet you when you arrive, reimburse you for any travel expenses you may have, and then bring you up to meet myself and Philip Hart, the CEO. DW: OK, sounds good. So will you be the only members of the interview panel there then? MB: Yes, it'll be just me and Philip who will talk to you. The interview will be in three parts - first of all we'll ask you some general questions about yourself and your educational and professional background, then we'll move on to specifics. ST: Oh, er, specifics? Well er, what kind of questions will you be asking? MB: Well, it'll be very similar to the personal statement you submitted with your CV - we'll be expecting you to to give actual examples of problems you've faced and solved, and of what you feel are the major successes in your career so far. DW: OK, well yeah, that sounds great - can't wait! MB: Then there'll be a chance for you to ask us any questions - about the job itself, or WebWare in general... ST: Oh, erm, OK... I'll think of something! MB: After that, we'd like you to give a short presentation on how you see WebWare as a company progressing, and how you see yourself taking us there. DW: OK so will I be expected to give like a formal style presentation? MB: It can be as formal or informal as you like. There'll be a flipchart and a data projector there available. If you need anything else, just let us know. ST: Oh, erm OK, a presentation! I'll think of something. I haven't done one of those in a while... MB: Is that all clear? Great, so, Daniel, I'll see you at 11am, a week tomorrow. DW: OK, grea,t I look forward to meeting you! Thanks, bye. MB: OK, so, Sarah, we'll be seeing you at 1pm, a week tomorrow. Best of luck! ST: Oh, thanks... I'll need it... To get this and many other great audio and video series on your phone or tablet, with interactive audioscripts, keyword glossaries and comprehension exercises, download our "LearnEnglish Audio & Video" app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play (
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