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How HyperPolyglot Emanuele Marini Learn 30+ Languages (First Ever English Interview)

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
This is hyperpolyglot, Emanuele Marini's first ever interview in English. Emanuele shares why he got into language learning, although he has a very traditional approach of learning a language 8:21 (with a tiny twist of involving others), but through many years of hard work and practice, he is a true master at his approach and he is able to produce amazing results. One of the first thing Emanuele learns when learning a new language is to start with the basic structure of the language and fill in new vocabs thats useful for him. Inside the free memorization app, Genius+, you will have a choice to get ready made and easy to understand sentence structures for different languages. Find out how Genius+ can help you jump start learning to speak a new language here:
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