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P19.3.1 Introduction to Magnetization of Materials

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Xuất bản 08/08/2016
Have any doubts? Follow this link and ask from the experts. It’s free. Class 12 Physics – Magnetism and Matter Magnet has been known to man since 600 BC. We have learnt about various properties of magnets in our earlier classes. We also have learnt about magnetic properties of current. This chapter will introduce us to natural phenomena occurring due to magnetism, properties of naturally occurring magnets and much more. Why the compass needle points towards the north? Why a bar magnet always has 2 poles whether you break it in 100 parts? Can any other object b given properties of magnet by using another magnet or current? All these questions will be answered in this chapter. We’ll learn 1. Magnets as Dipoles. 2. Geometric properties of bar magnet. 3. Field due to bar magnet. 4. Bar magnet in uniform electric field. 5. Earth’s Magnetism. 6. Component of earth’s magnetic field. 7. What is Dip circle? 8. Tangent Galvanometer. 9. How can we magnetize a material? 10. Curie’s law 11. Hysteresis curve. AvantiEd- Learn more about us at Like us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @
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