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P18.3.2 Current Carrying Loop as a Magnetic Dipole

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Xuất bản 09/08/2016
Have any doubts? Follow this link and ask from the experts. It’s free. Class 12 Physics – Magnetic Effects of Current We know about electricity and magnetism from the last 2000 years but only 200 years ago, we found that they are inter related. We have seen how bringing a magnet near a compass brings about a deflection in the needle of the compass. But how a current carrying wire could have deflected the compass needle? Excessive experimentations revealed the magnetic behaviour of current carrying electrons. We will learn more about this in coming chapter. We’ll learn 1. What is magnetism and magnetic field? 2. What is the magnetic force on the moving charge? 3. Magnetic force on a current carrying conductor. 4. Motion of charged particle in Electromagnetic field. 5. What is cyclotron? 6. Biot Savart’s law and Ampere’s law. 7. Magnetic field due to straight current carrying wire and circular current carrying loop. 8. Force between 2 parallel current carrying conductors. 9. How to find Field due to solenoid and toroid using Ampere’s law? 10. Current carrying loop as magnetic dipole. 11. Force, Torque and Energy of magnetic dipole in magnetic field. 12. Magnetism inside an atom. 13. Moving coil galvanometer AvantiEd- Learn more about us at Like us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @
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