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Order of Operations Math: Parentheses, Exponents | ATI TEAS, HESI, ACT, SAT Math

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Xuất bản 08/08/2016
Learn the order of operations for math. In this video, I'll cover how to solve math problems using the order of operations, which can help you review for ATI TEAS V, SAT, ACT, and other math tests. You must solve the problems using a specific order. You solve the parentheses first (starting with the inner parenthesis), then exponents, then multiplication or division, and then addition or subtraction. A simple mnemonic to remember this is PEMA. You can remember it by memorizing the simple sentence: Please Eat My Apples! P=Parentheses first E=Exponents second M=Multiplication or division next A=Addition or subtraction last When there are parentheses within a parentheses, you solve the innermost parentheses first. When you have a problem where all of the parts are within the same category (ie, addition and subtraction), you work from left to right. For example, in the following problem, you'd simply work left to right since multiplication and division both come in the same order of operations (they are in the same category): 4 ÷ 2 X 3 X 6. This math review can help you prepare for the ATI TEAS V entrance exam, the HESI entrance exam, the ACT or SAT exams, and more. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to take the free quiz, share the video, and SUBSCRIBE!! =) Quiz for Order of Operations: Our other math videos: Subscribe: Nursing School Supplies: Nursing Job Search:
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