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Best GED Practice Test - 5 Math Practice Questions

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Xuất bản 08/08/2016
These practice test questions are directly related to the GED math test, and the instructor walks you through each problem. If you still need more help with your GED math test prep, visit any of the links below... GED Study Guide: GED Flashcards: GED Math Study Guide: GED Study Guide Playlist: How to pass the GED What to Expect on the GED Exam: GED Transcript: The mathematical reasoning section on the GED is going to test your ability on solving algebraic equations. Here is an example of a question that you might have to solve when you take the GED. "If '10x' plus two equals seven, what is the value of '2x'?" Well, let's first start with solving this algebraic equation of "10x" plus two equals seven. Because if we can figure out what "x" is, then we can figure out what "2x" is. The first thing we need to do is subtract two from both sides to get rid of this plus two. So, that leaves us with "10x" equals five. Now to solve for "x", we undo the ten times "x" by dividing both sides by ten. Ten divided by ten is one. So this is "x" equals, and you can simplify five-tenths to a half, or five-tenths. Now be careful. Because they didn't ask what is the value of "x". They didn't ask you just to solve for "x", and they're expecting you not to pay attention. See this first answer? They're expecting you to solve for "x" and go "Oh great there is my answer". So pay attention to what they're asking. They want "2x", which means two times a half. And two times a half is one. So, this answer would be C. So this is something that you're going to have to know how to do when you take the GED.
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