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[Archived] : The Tale of Paxton : Rough Draft : Part 12

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Xuất bản 08/08/2016
Let's Roleplay Skyrim : Rough Draft Part 12 #TheTaleofPaxton is a fully #immersive #skyrim #roleplay #letsplay series. What makes this series worth watching? Read on: Episode Title: “I Must Be Dreaming,” Description: #Paxton tries to grasp the moment and needs a nap. - scroll to the bottom to join & or help us out - The Tale of Paxton began as a humble gamer's attempt to distract his mind from unfortunate events that happened just prior to the creation of #GamerPoets . #Paxton was never intended to be a public series no matter an on going story. The tale has become an organic progression of personal growth for both Paxton & Michael of GamerPoets. With the feedback & support of it's viewers The Tale of Paxton has taken on a life of it's own. When I (Michael) created this channel I had used video software only once. Chapter 1 has many improvements added throughout: -Brightness -Rendering -Sound Quality -Post Editing & More... The series was improved upon by trial & error. If you like chapter 1 you will love chapter 2. #TheTaleofPaxton Growth -Video Quality Improvements from Prequel to Conclusion a. Pixel Count: Prequel 1080p – Final Episode 4k b. Stability: Prequel 1 HDD – Final Episode 1 HDD & 2 SDD's c. Video Editing Plugins: Prequel none - Final Episode 3 d. Software: Prequel #SonyVegas – Final Episode #AdobePremierePro e. Image Assets: Prequel Generic Templates – Final Episode #CustomDesign #Immersion a. No Floating Quest Markers b. No Compass c. No Crosshair except when sneaking d. No Talking Out Of Character e. No Load Screens/Weapon Switch/Pause Menu f. No console commands except for #cinematic scenes #Dedication Paxton's Save file broke mid 1st chapter. We sorted out the mods then replayed the entire game from the beginning. I replayed all of the quests to specification & leveled Paxton up organically based on each episode. This did not happen 1 but 3 times. Why did I not use console commands to force progression? To ensure nothing would become corrupted again as well as to test compatibility & to assure the viewer would not lose immersion due to story changes. #Community GamerPoets responds to every comment posted. Everyone's opinion is welcome. Even if you don't like something there are ways to voice your opinion without offending others. Intentionally offend & be banned. #Modifications #Mods Over 300 mods & 200 esp's by Chapter 2. There is no Chapter 1 mod list as the save was replayed to fix incompatibilities caused by mod error. Our full & stable list, from top to bottom, is provided in the description of The Tale of Paxton Chapter 2 Prequel. Mods are abbreviated due to character limit & #Nexus Mod ID's are provided. GamerPoets Co-Manager Joe (creator of #Skyfalls & #Skymills) has created some mods strictly for the series to enhance the story. You can find his widely used public mod here: #Music throughout (permissions on record): Adrian von Ziegler: DanDinHarp: Harry Murrell: Joey StaXX: JoyDreamerJourney: Keyko: Malukah: Sarah Schachner: ShaDoWCa7: #VoiceActors throughout: Gina of GP Michael of GP Nikkita of Arissa the Wondering Rogue - YOU CAN HELP - Share our videos Join us on: Facebook: Twitter: Endorse our videos Nexus Fallout : Nexus Skyrim : Steam : Donations (channel expenses):¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted Become a Patron: Join #CURSE Union for Gamers: Contact us: This channel grew because of YOU I never intended to do more than put a handful of videos up to pass some time. You have cultivated that pastime into a full-time passion. Thank You. -Michael
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