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Let's Talk Business: Vocabulary is Confidence

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Xuất bản 21/08/2015 Vocabulary is evidence of knowledge and a source of confidence. Author and Speaker Carol Heiberger has conducted extensive research on language acquisition, neuroscience, and linguistics to identify the actionable information as to how adults learn the precise language of a new topic. In this short video she talks about the impact of adding new words to your vocabulary. It takes a little patience but it's worth the effort. Purchase the books and ebooks at Download the free or paid apps at Every industry, every company, every project has its own jargon. Vocabulary is how we communicate with one another. We judge people's knowledge and expertise by their command of subject-specific language. Articles about lingo and slang are usually negative in tone and describe "domain-specific" language as exclusionary. However, lingo and jargon are the verbal shorthand of a "discourse community" - and that is good. ExecuSpeak Dictionary® definitions take into account that the language of business is dependent on context and frequently uses common language in special ways. The ExecuSpeak Dictionary® series is designed to make it easier to learn and use the technical jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. The first in the series is the Original “ExecuSpeak Dictionary®” with its more than 510 terms that are commonly used in in business. The free download includes the more than 140 terms that can also be seen in the book entitled “Business English for Dealmakers.” The first in-app purchase is the additional 374 terms that make up the complete book entitled ExecuSpeak Dictionary. There are two more books that are apps: “Business English for Residential Real Estate” and “Business English for Zoning and Real Estate (Philadelphia Edition).” For organizations and companies, ExecuSpeak Dictionary provides an innovative solution to the challenges of workplace integration, knowledge transfer, customer service, sales and marketing support, as well as executive and board mandates. The ground-breaking software captures the language of the company and makes it accessible via apps and books. Carol Heiberger has parlayed her Wharton MBA and business experience into business tools for the 21st Century. ExecuSpeak Dictionary® creates toolkits to support the knowledge transfer and language learning needs of patients and professionals. Using our proprietary text analysis software and your electronic documents, we identify, organize, and distribute the glossaries that put technical language, lingo, and acronyms in your pocket. More info at
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